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Life At Indira


Considering our PGDM program attracts participants from different background, it is imperative the students are given to understand the flavour of management course and develop desired orientation for the same. Therefore before the formal induction program starts, students are made to undergo weeklong foundation course which aligns them for the 2 years of management education ahead.


At IIMP PGDM, a fifteen days-long unique induction programme is conducted for the newly admitted students to familiarize them with the organization, PGDM course, faculties and their fellow mates. They also get an opportunity to learn various management and inter-personal skills during the programme from industry stalwarts and trainers.>

Outdoor Management Training

OMT is a unique Training program designed for the students of Indira Group of Institutes wherein the focus shifts from the classroom to outdoor and Mother Nature, who is a master teacher herself. OMT aims to build one’s leadership skills, teamwork abilities, decision making skills, crisis management skills. It promotes the holistic development of the student through a series of adventure and outdoor experiences like trekking, rappelling, rock climbing etc. Today, OMT is widely recognized by the corporate sector as an effective training technique for developing the personality of their executives. Indira has introduced this program with a view to provide an edge to its students.

SWIFT: Sports and Wellness Inclusive Fitness Training

Sports and Wellness Inclusive Fitness Training Program: Timely various events and tournaments are conducted for students. Sports are a crucial part of a student’s growth and development. They help in the development of mental health and physical fitness of the body. Through participation in sports and games, a student gains various skill, experience and confidence that are helpful for developing their personality.>

SEED: Skills Enriching & Empowered

Specialisation wise certification courses, Business Quiz, Extra Domain Sessions, Integrated Digital Pedagogies, Student Engagement and Learning, Mentoring, Additional Input Activities, etc.
Ozone is a three Semester Skill Development Programme designed to enhance PGDM student’s confidence, Interview Skills, GD Skills. It comprises various modules and sessions like Emotional Intelligence Test, Discovery Interviews etc. A team of Ozone mentors helps the students to explore and understand their interests, abilities, and aptitude and world values.
Certifications are provided to the students to expose them to the changing scenario in the Business environment and render them capable of making decisions. These certifications help the students in developing analytical and logical thinking and enable them to fit into various career opportunities.
Digital Marketing Students are emphasized to learn digital marketing fundamentals, which give them an edge above others in equipping them with new age marketing tools.
Personality Tests are conducted to analyse the personality of every individual. Then groups are formed, having students from different characters, and then faculties do various group activities for active and better learning. In all of these, students get to appreciate different personality types and also learn to adapt to team members from different backgrounds with diversified perspectives.

Xed intellect Inputs for Business news and Domain enhancement

IIMPGDM students benefit from services of XED intellect in furthering their quest of latest in Business and Domain sphere. Xed Intellect provides reading material inputs with respect to latest in Business and industrial arena. They also evaluate IIM PGDM students on Syllabus Content for their domain knowledge. Xed intellect provides online testing solutions to students so that they can prepare for campus placements. Before conducting exam Xed intellect shares reading material on Aptitude with all the students. It shares Model question paper with students to make them understand about online quiz pattern. Daily News headlines on business and economic policy are shared with students on daily basis through SMS’s & Xed intellect website

Xed intellect Objectives

  • To prepare students for Campus placements with providing relevant business and Domain inputs.
  • To develop habit of reading among students
  • To provide more transparency by randomizing questions
  • To evaluate progress of student and provide immediate online result among participants.

Methodology and Benefits of Online Testing Solution

  • Daily short quiz on current affair
  • Aptitude and domain test in first and third semester
  • Randomized Questions to avoid memorizing
  • Ensures accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Ensures Continuous Evaluation through topic wise assessment

Xed Assessment components:

  • Spoken & Written English Communication
  • Aptitude Skills – English, Math & Reasoning
  • Current Affairs & General Knowledge
  • Domain Subject Knowledge

Foundation Day

Every year 5th Sept. is celebrated as a Foundation day in IGI group. On this day, 27 years back IGI started with a small campus which has transformed to 10 different campuses with 10,000 students passing every year. This day is celebrated with tremendous Pomp and gaiety. Students from different campuses get to show case their culture and talent in the half a day cultural performances planned for the day.


Talentine is an annual fest. This event gives a platform to the students to showcase their talent and even try their hand. This is one of the most awaited events at IIIMPGDM campus.

Hello India

Students are taken out on 3 days cultural cum industrial tour to Goa accompanied by faculty members. Regular Visits are also undertaken to various industries in the vicinity of Pune City. Domestic industry visits are integral and regular feature of 1 st two semesters.

INSAAS: Indira Super Achiever Awards

Indira Group is proud to be associated with hundreds of corporate houses for providing live projects, internships and final placements. The Indira Group of Institutes recognises and appreciates the efforts of industry professionals and their selfless service to society. Once a year, IGI takes the initiative to recognise the super achievers across various business function. In these functions IGI honours such accomplished industry professionals for their contributions to the advancement of industry and, as a result, the country. Events like Indira Marketing excellence, HR super achievers, Finance super achievers etc. are excellent platforms wherein very senior industry leaders come to campus to address and interact with the students


As we all know, convocation is a time to celebrate all our students’ hard work and mark the beginning of their professional career in the corporate world. Eminent personalities from different walks of life are invited to grace the Udaan ceremony and offer words of wisdom to the graduating students. Students get to attend the Udaan ceremony a year after they complete the PGDM program.

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