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Director's Message

Director's Message

Mr. Krushna P Mishra

In Charge Director

Indira Institute of Management PGDM

If nothing ever changed- there would be no butter flies- Unknown.

Change is the essence of life. Change is inevitable. One experiences growth managing around the change and adapting to the changes. The recent pandemic has brought untold miseries to mankind but overall, humanity has definitely evolved much better to tackle similar crisis or unprecedented change in future. One seldom has the ability to swim upstream for a long time which drains energy and brings fatigue. The best recourse is to plunge into the downstream, dance in it and move with the stream.

7 billion plus population across the world have adapted to a new normal which was necessitated by the pandemic. The idea of social distance, continuous masking and maintaining hand hygiene were so alien just about 2 years back. But this is what came as the savior of mankind because it didn’t resist rather learnt to go with the change.

The way business was being carried out till a decade back and the way it is being conducted today, there is hell and heaven difference. The jugalbandi of Internet and IT has made sure, consumers get almost everything at the comfort of their home at the touch of a button. The traditional brick and mortar stores have been recreated on the virtual space for the comfort and delight of the customers. Consumers no longer need to go out for dining at best of the restaurants. Zomatos and Swiggys of the world have almost brought the restaurant to the comfort of our homes. Restaurants who continued on the traditional mode and didn’t embrace the online food order model have been dealt a deadly blow by the pandemic.

Kodak, Ambassador, Doordarshan, Black berry and many others which were like household names have suddenly become a thing of the past because these brands didn’t go with the change which was so clearly evident. Enterprises which have embraced the winds of change are going to stay here whereas enterprises who turned to be just silent spectators have been whisked away permanently.

“We can’t become what we want by remaining what we are” – Max Depree

Unless we welcome the unfolding change and adapt ourselves to best leverage it, we will stagnate and get obsolete in due course. IIMPGDM offers a platform for you to be able to anticipate and embrace the change and build your growth and development around it.

I Invite you all to be part of the life enriching journey at IIMPGDM and get ready to embrace the change and benefit out of it.

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